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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  September 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the plane was bound for atlantic city from michigan, what do we know about the flight and its fate. >> that is the unknown thing, they believe it crashed into the ocean, it never made it into the airport here, the coast guard and marine corps is looking for survivors of this plane crash, it remains unclear how many people were on board the plane, the faa says that a single engine, mooney m 20 crashed southeast of atlantic city in the atlantic ocean, the plane is designed to carry four people and it departed gaylord, michigan, and was headed to atlantic city airport when something went terribly wrong, the coast guard has confirmed the wreckage and they see a trail of debris where they are looking for survivors, they have three vessels and a helicopter searching in the area and the
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new jersey state police marine unit is also assisting in the search, officials say that the plane left gaylord at noon and was suppose to lan at atlantic city airport at 2:51 this afternoon, again this never made it there, they believe it crashed in the atlantic ocean, so far no signs of survivors but the search continues, several miles southeast of atlantic city in the ocean, what is the lightest that we have on this story now. it's a developing story and we have more on "action news" as well as for now live here at the coast guard station in atlantic city, dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." a flash flood watch remains in effect until 8:00 tonight and this is the reason why. today's heavy rain is causing treacherous situations like this one on ford road in philadelphia's fairmount park, the driver thought she could get through the deep water but her car stalled out, and while she was trapped another car with the infant in the backseat managed
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to get through, police had to rescue the driver of the first car and we know she is okay but we don't know about her car. >> lets look at the double scan radar and get the latest from cecily tynan. >> double scan live radar showing a stationary cold front just to our east and what going on there is low pressure that developed along the front and that is bringing us the heavy rain and some parts of our viewing area are getting an inch and a half of rain after three weeks without any measurable precipitation. zooming into philadelphia we had several hours of dry weather this afternoon and now generally a light steady rain but we have one pocket of a heavy downpour that has just moved in across route 3, we see heavy rain across montgomery county near king of prussia, you can see the heavy downpour and no lightning strikes associated with this, this is just torrential rain falling at 2 inches per hour, heading towards 422 and further
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to the south wilmington is seeing rain over the past hour. and a dose of heavy rain moving in up over i-95, this low pressure is exiting our region, later on this evening, this is what to expect and the flash flood watch remains in effect until 8:00. periods of heavy rain and not widespread flooding especially areas with poor drainage, could see localized flooding, it's lifting out between 8:00 and midnight and then another round of rain over your weekend i'll have details on that in the full accuweather forecast. >> of course is your go to resource as heavy rain moves through, you can check in often with stormtracker 6 live double scan for the very latest. we have new information for people living in the secure vehicle area of center city philadelphia, this is all about the papal visit, the city today
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told residents they have to start getting their cars out starting next sunday or those cars will be towed. "action news" reporter, david henry is live at city hall, david no question the city seems to be serious about creating a vehicle free zone on the street. >> no doubt about that jim but they are making it a little bit easier for the residents, but the city announced a month ago, that the cars have to be out of the security zone and now we know when they will begin towing them. they will start at 6:00 sunday evening september 20th, in the meantime, the city and event organizers are doing everything they can to encourage people to come down for the event. >> everyone is invited to come in and join this historic global event. >> and best of all it will be surprisingly easy to get here to enjoy it. >> instead of walking miles, visitors can take septa to
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within one mile of the venues, the secret service produced this video of what they can encounter at the grounds, mostly barricades on the streets and the tickets areas will have higher fences and multiple electronic screening stations, vehicles within the safety zones have to move their cars or be towed starting at 6:00 p.m. >> prior to the beginning of towing, residents are strongly encouraged and i want to ask you personally to please park in any other legal long-term spot in the city. >> there is now help for the residents, the city is providing 1500 free parking spots at the naval hospital, the parking authority has six garages with 6,000 spots in the restricted zone, residents can reserve those in advance and they will get a placard to put in their
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car and it costs just $20 for the entire weekend, the city is helping out the businesses inside of the vehicle security zone by easing up delivery restrictions but they are still expecting a crowd of a million people and they will all have a chance to see the pope in person during two parades. >> all i can tell you is that this type of parade is one of the most joyful and moving and incredible experiences, you can be a part of. >> a lot of new information coming out daily about the pope's visit, you can get paps of the parking and everything else any time at live at city hall, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. let me say that again, you can get updates on the pope's upcoming visit by following at 6 and our twitter page at
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6 abc pope. we are posting the latest news and tips as we prepare for the arrival of pope francis later this month. >> later this hour the man that kidnapped a woman pleaded guilty today. surveillance video showed delvin barnes and grabbingesha freeland-gaither and they were tracked to virginia and she was rescued by the fbi. he faces 35 years in prison. police are trying to round up suspects that are on a robbery spree. they have been very successful and police want to change that. chad pradelli has the story. >> the suspects have shielded their faces and giving the fbi and police few leads, they have
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allegedly robbed 13 cvs store dillard stores, they strike right after they close, you see them calmly instruct the employees what to do. >> they march them back to the office at gun point and threatening to kill them, hurry up i'll kill you, and force them to open the safe. >> in one case the manager was zip tied. the suspects are getting away with thousands this cash and police know there are two suspects but this guy may be a third that scouts the stores prior to the robberies, his face is clearly shown and the fbi wants you to take a close look at him. they both seem to know where the video cameras are and many some cases they have taken or damaged the dvr systems from the store. and the fbi have not nailed down a vehicle make and model but the
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suspects wore identifiable clothing like this bucket hat and draw-string bag. >> they are dangerous people and we would like to get them off the street. >> despite the vie lengths nature of the robberies, the fbi tells me no one was seriously injured and there is a reward for information leading to the suspects. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> and still to come, jeff skversky is live in south philadelphia, with the big phillies shakeup. >> jim ruben amaro out as phillies general manager, we'll hear from managements on the decision and how much was his fault, we'll hear from larry bowa as well. >> and officials say that morning storms are to blame for this house fire in new jersey. the heaviest rain is moving across new england right now and i'll let you know when we dry
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out. details on the timing. in the accuweather forecast. let's clear the air.
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investigators say that storm is to blame at this home in barrington, new jersey, just before 7:00 a free snapped and pulled down power lines and one wire hit the ground and energ e energized the house through a pipe and that home went up in flames and a natural gas fire erupted and they could not fight the blaze until the power was
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secured. fortunately nobody was hurt. a townhouse went up in flames in christiana delaware, firefighters were called to river drive just after 4:00 a.m., and the flames quickly spread to neighboring houses and it took 13 companies two hours to get the fire under control and four people were hurt. the cause is under investigation. the pennsylvania supreme court heard arguments today on governor tom wolf's death penalty ban, indeed the governor has the power to grant reprieves without saying why. but they say it violates the constitution. supporters of embattled pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane held a rally on her behalf in harrisburg, the
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group called pennsylvania citizens for kathleen kane, wanted the disciplinary board to allow kane to keep her license and therefore keep her job. pennsylvania's office of dismin airy counsel says it's a conflict of interest for kane to continue practicing law and therefore continuing as attorney general while the subject of criminal prosecution. and mission barbecue in the northeast presented a check for more than $4,000 today to the fop survivors fun and the money was raised last month during a police charity night at the philadelphia restaurant. .99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. .99.
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ruben amaro the notice came today. >> yes, some people say it's a long time coming and was
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expected for the last couple of years, today it happened. ruben amaro is out for the phillies and they thanked him for his service while showing him the door. jeff skversky is live with the details. >> phillies new president says that he thought about this over the last couple of days and made the decision and informed ruben amaro he was done. the reasons are obvious, he is no longer the general manager, and the fans displeasure with him did play a factor, done after seven seasons as the general manager of the phillies, he did make big moves and helped them to their best record in team history in 2011 and since then they failed to make the playoffs. he did not want to do it before the trade deadline. >> i'm charged with a certain responsibility, i have a
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responsibility to the franchise and fans and ownership to do what is best and get this back to where it was as quickly as i can and as efficiently as i can. that was the basis for my decision. >> a well run, successful company there is accountable, even though decisions are made in groups there is someone ultimately responsible for the decision and whats to be held accountable. we recognize a problem and we are trying as fast as we can to get out of problem and get back to winning. >> interesting comments by opener john middleton, all point at ruben amaro for their decline, larry bowa says it's not all amore a's fault. >> i think when things go bad it's not one person, it's the entire whoever is running it, the entire organization from top to bottom, i think it's unfair
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to blame one person. >> so the phillies are looking for a new general manager and in the meantime the assistant manager will be in charge. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you so much. while the nfl season kicks off tonight the eagles begin theirs monday night in atlanta, backing up murray is sproles and matthews, this is described as a dangerous back field. >> i don't know if dangerous is the word, jumping out of planes dangerous, they are talented. that is what we want in a running back guys that can do all three things. >> we all bring something different to the table so it will be hard for opponents to key in and work on one guy, and that is to our advantage. >> there may be a snark there
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from chip kelly, i'm not sure. we are teaming up with phl 17 to bring you coverage of the opener, the countdown to kickoff is at 6:30, on phl 17. >> chip kelly is never snarky. >> maybe once or twice. >> thank you ducis. >> a philadelphia landmark is celebrating its 200th anniversary, the fairmount water works opened its doors in september of 2013, as the sole water pumping station of philadelphia, it was the first successful urban water system in america, it was decommissioned in 1939 and today it's the site of environmental education.
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we have a couple of hours of serious rain. >> we haven't had rain for almost three weeks and then we get a torrential rain, we have heavy rain near philadelphia and areas north and west and the national weather service moments ago issued a flash flood warning for east central chester and a rain gauge in valley forge measured 2 inches in the last hour, so flash flooding is expected to start there momentarily, and that flash flood warning continues until 8:15, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing this one cell of heavy rain over king of prussia working over 202 and 402 and working to the north and east and this is dropping 2 inches of rain an hour.
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philadelphia a break in the action this afternoon and now the rain has intensified. west allegheny avenue and west dolphin street, moving across the schuylkill expressway, you see the lightning strikes, 0 lightning strikes, the air is very cool, and it's too stable for lightning. speaking of delaware, wilmington is reporting heavy rain towards pennsgrove and this is out towards the i-95 corridor and we are beginning to lose the reds and becoming more yellow, this is decreasing in intensity, we are looking at 8:00, 8:30 heavy rain and this is why we are seeing the localized flooding, port richmond getting a lot of rain and we had a flash flood warning there and lehigh valley, 3.9 inches, greaterford 2 inches
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and wrightstown, new jersey 2 inches of rain. and temperatures show the heat wave is officially over, philadelphia 75 degrees and allentown and reading, cool and temperatures only in the 60s, millville 73 and cape may 74 and wilmington 74 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing this conveyer belt of moisture, this is associated with the cold front, the low pressure is over us now and that will continue to lift up to the north and east, and that is taking the heavy rain with it, the heavy rain until 8:30 or so and then temperatures dropping down into the 60s and the humidity is high and not all that comfortable, philadelphia 68 and allentown 62 and future tracker showing at 7:30 heavy rain and it's out of here by midnight tomorrow morning, you wake up and clouds by tomorrow
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afternoon, 84 degrees and lowering humidity through the day and enjoy it, saturday another low pressure moves in and that means showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and maybe lingering into sunday morning. the exclusive accuweather forecast, sunshine is back and the humidity drops through the day and 84 through the day on saturday and developing in the afternoon and evening hours and on sunday a lingering shower lots of clouds and 77 and a taste of fall, 76 degrees and tuesday, wednesday and thursday, high pressure is in control and plenty of sunshine and temperatures warm up to 86 degrees by thursday and i'll have the final rainfall totals on "action news" tonight at 11:00. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, adam joseph and ducis rogers and then tonight at 11:00, "action news" troubleshooter nydia han helps to get a military service man
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home to his family in south jersey. >> a military family brought an airline ticket online only to find out later the posted fair was a mistake. >> he sent me the email and we started crying and we were both crying on the phone. >> they bought their ticket from a very popular website and find out what happens after the troubleshooters get involved. and find out do mistaken airfares have to be honored? >> for cecily tynan and ducis rogers i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" from hungary. exodus -- moment of crisis. europe since the second world war. tonight, the breaking development. the white house now says it is preparing to accept thousands of syrian refugees in the u.s. here in europe, the wall being built to halt the exodus. but can they really stop the hundreds of thousands of refugees risking their lives to escape war? our team along the entire route tonight, as we also go back to find the little syrian girl who moved so many viewers to act, one year ago this week. also tonight, the possible highway sniper taking aim at new targets. narrow escape. new images of that british airways plane on fire. and, the police apol


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